EDG provides a full range of design services, which include but are not limited to site selection, requirement analysis, design program, schematic design, design development, engineering service, construction document and project management. We work closely with our clients to skillfully combine their visions, desires and corporate images.


Diversified, Experienced and Practical

Diversity and international experience enables EDG to provide a wide range of consulting services to its clients. These services include; requirement analysis, cost and value engineering, design and construction management, facility maintenance and management provides.

Construction and Engineering

Integrate Efficiently and Execute Accurately

EDG provide integrated construction and engineering services. Our goal is to ensure each project is appropriately executed according to plan and delivered on time within budget. Our national and international experience, in addition to a diverse multi-cultural staff, allows our construction teams an understanding of cultural difference and linguistic barriers assisting us in providing construction services to the highest quality.

Facility Maintenance and Management

Reliable Comprehensive Program

After the completion of a project, we will offer an extensive maintenance program during the defects liability period. Furthermore, after expiration of initial warranty, EDG will extend the service period for facility maintenance and management if requested by the owner. Our aim is to protect the company image and investment of our clients over a sustained period of time.

Planning & Strategies

Achieve Corporate Strategic Objectives

At EDG our goal is to comprehensively interpret our client’s needs and develop a facility that’s functional, efficient and aesthetically appropriate to the client’s corporate image. Our team provides a thorough understanding of the connection between an organization’s strategic objectives and the core elements of people, place and process. Our tried and tested methodology allows EDG to accommodate its clients’ requirements and achieve their benchmark objectives.

Project Management

Professional Team and Innovative Solution

Our experienced project management team forms an effective liaison between designers, project consultants, vendors and contractors. Our interactive approach to management encourages everyone to act in concert to produce high quality solutions.

Quantity Survey and Value Engineering

Prudent Analysis and Reasonable Cost

At EDG, we provide an organized approach to providing the necessary functions at the reasonable cost. In accordance with our client’s values and priorities, we offer complete price estimates and appropriate suggestions at every project phase.

This will include; site selection, requirement analysis, design, construction and facility maintenance.

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