Entering the first decade of the 21st century it has become resoundingly clear how significant the role sustainability is to play in the future of our world.

Environetics Design Group has been a firm believer in sustainability, generally, and specifically regarding interior design and construction.

Sustainable design is at the core of all EDG projects. When approaching a new project we identify the relevant natural, cultural and economic circumstances and, in association with LEED guidelines and supporting local government green campaigns, combine them into forming a coherent green design plan. In accordance with CSR and workplace sustainability, EDG employ an integrated solutions approach, efficiently utilizing natural light, incorporating recycled materials and renewable resources into its projects.

Our aim is to enhance workplace performance, business success, and to create an environment that contributes to the general well being of our clients and their staff. EDG has committed to providing sustainable, renewable and environmentally responsible design options in healthy and economical way.

EDG’s mission statement, “To continue our work in the pursuit of finding innovative sustainable solutions, the sharing of knowledge and creating ideas that contribute not only to our client’s business success but also to the future of our planet.”

Professional Services

LEED Certification

“How can I incorporate LEED design principles into my project?” “What area some cost effective sustainable material choices that can be used in my space?” EDG provides a design solution utilizing sustainable design principles as followed by the USGBC to pursue LEED Certification for the project. Through these professional services, we also help our clients to reach their sustainable business goals in order to strengthen their CSR image.

Case Studies

Coca Cola China HQ

A privately-owned space housing Coca Cola’s China HQ (comprised of “Division” Office, “CP” Production Center, and Asia R&D Center), this project was conceived as a sustainable, innovative, and functional design solution—a space that would maintain…


Citibank Chongqing Branch

Citibank`s Chongqing Retail Branch was the first project for that the bank was to incorporate LEED design and construction devices.
EDG was aware that this was first of a new generation of projects, with focus on sustainability and high-end technology facilities…



In the Suzhou, EDG embarked on and project with Caterpillar, the world’s largest construction equipment manufacturer, to pioneer the first LEED construction project in the Free Trade Zone…


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