Location: Zizhu Park, Minhang, Shanghai, China
Project Size: 22,000sqm

Brief: A privately-owned space housing Coca Cola’s China HQ (comprised of “Division” Office, “CP” Production Center, and Asia R&D Center), this project was conceived as a sustainable, innovative, and functional design solution—a space that would maintain Coke’s corporate image while encouraging creativity and inspiration. For Coca Cola, this was not just another project. After over 30 years of strong presence in the China market, Coke was now making a statement: “we are not guests in China anymore; we are creating a permanent home here.” Our task was to establish and reaffirm this sense of “home away from home” while projecting Coke’s strong brand identity and commitment to cultural diversity and environmental sustainability.

Concept Implementation: Inspired by Coke`s classic contour bottle shape our designers envisioned a consistent ceiling wave—an organic shape that imitates the bottle’s silhouette. Running from the main lobby through meeting room and staff area corridors, this undulating ceiling envelops visitors in the Coke concept. The color palette used is also consistent with Coke`s trademark – the Coca Cola RED which we threaded in the key design elements and feature spaces. The nuances and derivates of the classic RED which our designers developed enriched the space and created an atmosphere that is sophisticated yet youthful.

Challenges: A major challenge for this project was coordination between LEED consultants, Architects, M&E contractors, designers. The successful coordination was extremely important in 2 major areas: 1. Coordination with the architects to provide consultancy on interior architecture and analysis of space efficiency – we designed the building “inside out”. The main objectives were space functionality and employee comfort. 2. Coordination between all parties to create the LEED scorecard and to succeed in implementing sustainable strategies.

Sustainability: A main objective of this project was implementing sustainable strategies as well as obtaining LEED Silver Certification. The project not only achieved but even exceeded this objective by qualifying for a LEED Gold Certificate. Our sustainability experts contributed to the LEED accreditation through innovative / sustainable material specifications as well as low energy/water consumption strategies implementation. The use of open areas and mobile office spaces—rarities in China still—maximized natural lighting and ventilation. The specification of FSC wood, motion/ light sensor light fixtures, low flush appliances as well as the implementation of recycled waste water strategies were only the foundation of our effort to deliver a sustainable project. In terms of Innovation in Design we also contributed with our creative solutions, some noteworthy examples being: the cafeteria table tops and chair seats/backs were manufactured from recycled yoghurt packaging; the feature wall in the main lobby was built of recycled Coke Bottles (11 % of which contain the Coke liquid, representing Coke`s share in the China market),

Benefits: The comfort and well being of the employees was a key consideration in our design: diversity of recreational facilities such as a yoga center, sauna and massage parlor, gym think tank “pools”, an amphitheater etc was the final touch to the “home away from home” feel we were looking for. Other benefits included reducing environmental impact of the building and its operation as well as reducing operational costs, promoting the Coca Cola brand and last but not least lowering the rate of turnover.

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